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Rabbi Weekly Message

FEBRUARY 15TH 2019 / 10TH ADAR I 5779

Dear chevreh, 


1,200 children killed by guns since Parkland (NYTimes, February 13this a national emergency. The opioid epidemic is a national emergency. I can think of others. 


My friend and colleague Rabbi Chai Levy wrote this Prayer for our Country for this Shabbat: 


Prayer for our Country when the President declares a National Emergency


God of Justice,
Help us in this time of national emergency,
The REAL national emergency, that is:
A crisis of leadership at the highest levels of government
A crisis of truth
A crisis of the abuse of power
A crisis of democracy.

God of Truth,
Help us face the real national emergencies:
The climate crisis that threatens Your precious and precarious world,
The crisis of gun violence, as we mark the anniversary of another school shooting
and remember the lives stolen and shattered,
The crisis of the deep divides in our country, 
The crises of hatred, racism, poverty.

God of Hope,
Give us faith in America
And help us work toward an America that merits our faith.


Wishing everybody a rejuvenating Shabbat. 


I look forward to seeing you this evening at 7:30 PM and at 10 AM tomorrow for Contemplative Shabbat (please arrive just before 10 AM.) 


Rabbi Diana