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Bagel U

“Bagel University” (commonly known as “Bagel U”) is a learning experience where members teach members at the Shul or in their homes on a broad range of topics within Jewish heritage, religion, culture, and the arts.

Bagel U returns in the fall of 2018 with a full line-up of courses and classes that can be viewed HERE.  The courses and classes are described more fully on individual flyers available by clicking the links below:

“Bagel U” classes are a way of helping our members gain a deeper understanding of topics of personal interest that are related to Judaism. Members are encouraged to offer their suggestions of classes they'd like to attend as well as classes they'd like to lead!

This fall, classes have included:

Jewish Pickles 201: Jewish Gasronomic Heritage:  A hands-on experience in making sour pickles was led by Arnie Feineman. Everyone went home with a quart of pickles and a smile, awaiting the 10 days for the pickles to mature. Our gratitude to Arnie.




Over the years, courses have included:

Mezuzah Making got started in the ceramic studio of Sharon Leibson where participants created and painted their own personal mezuzahs. Mezuzahs are placed as doorposts at the entrance to a Jewish home.

Hebrew Prayer with Understanding, led by Susan Rattner, examined each word in a selected prayer for subtle meaning and relevance to one’s personal life, making the experience of prayer creative and anything but routine.

Jewish Intellectual History, which started at the home of Abraham Leibson, has investigated philosophical ideas from intellectual leaders such as Baruch Spinoza and Martin Buber.  Meetings at member homes occur several times a year on topics of members' choosing.

There was a series of classes held to learn about Jewish Food Preparations related to the holiday season.  Classes included making Hamantashen (fruit-filled triangle-shaped cookies) for Purim, baking challah (twisted bread) for Shabbat, and preparing Passover foods. 


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