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Ritual Committee

The Ritual Committee maintains the ritual practices and policies of our community.  We set the dates and times of all Sabbath and Holiday services, and manage the details.  Those apples and honey in the lobby for Rosh Hashanah and matzohs for the Community Seder?  We put them there!

One of our most important functions is to establish our annual Jewish Community Calendar.  Each year we work with Rabbi Diana to determine how our congregation will observe Shabbat, Jewish holidays and even certain secular holidays.  Will a prayer service be involved, or a shul school event?  Perhaps a community-wide celebration will take place.  Once details are finalized, the Ritual Committee organizes people from inside and outside the synagogue to make each event come to life.  Two events in particular that are hosted by the Ritual Committee have become KHN legends: the Break-the-Fast Buffet following Yom Kippur and the Community Seder on the second night of Passover.

We also explore and establish guidelines for broader issues pertaining to our sacred space, including Kashrut policy and respectful practices in the sanctuary.

These guidelines seek to provide unanimity within our diverse community, whose members come from varied religious traditions and levels of observance.

Finally, the Ritual Committee directs support for congregants and families throughout their life cycles: birth, b’nai mitzvah, marriage, and death.

While we turn to Rabbi Diana for her expertise in Torah and tradition, the Ritual Committee consists of volunteers with no special religious training.

All that is needed is a willingness to attend our monthly meetings and share the goal of making KHN worship rewarding and fulfilling for all.

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