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KHN Plots at Mt Hope Cemetery

We are pleased to offer burial plots in the Mount Hope Cemetery in Lambertville, NJ.  Mt. Hope is a beautiful and historic venue, with majestic trees and a lovely placid view over the town and river.  Its tranquility and proximity to our Little Shul make it reflective of the community we are.  

Kehilat HaNahar has a sanctified area for use by our Jewish comunity.  Individual plots  cost $1300 and are available for purchase by congregants, family members and mixed faith families associated with the KHN community.  

Mt Hope is one of the largest and oldest historic cemeteries in western-central New Jersey.  It is non-sectarian, and KHN has access to a large area.  It is located on 71/2 acres in the middle of a quiet, picturesque residential neighborhood.  Its grounds which are laid out like a park with many mature shady trees, are maintained by volunteers.  

Upon receipt of payment, we provide Mt Hope with the names and addresses of each owner.  Mt Hope then sends each individual a certificate for the right to internment.  When a plot is needed, there is an additional fee charged by Mt Hope to open the grave ranging from $900-1000 depending upon the day of the week and the time of the year.  There is also an additonal fee to lay the headstone of approximately $1 per square inch, ex 1 ft x 1 ft incurs a charge of $144.  Currently there are no fees to maintain the gravesite but this may change in the future.  

If you are interested in learning more about Mt Hope Cemetery and the KHN sanctified plots, please contact the office at 215-862-1912 or





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